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Teegarden Audio - PAC-116 Half Cardioid Boundary Mic

The PAC116 is a high-performance boundary microphone for use on stage and in the studio. For stage and conference applications the PAC116 provides a clear and intelligible voice reproduction and rejection of rear noise and floor vibration. In the studio, it provides a smooth frequency response and low noise due to its discrete electronics design and capsule response. The PAC116 preserves the delicate timbre of acoustic instruments, yet it can handle high sound pressure levels of up to 150dB with a switchable capacitor pad. Self-noise is very low, permitting clean, low-noise recordings.



  • Stage/Theater

  • Musical Theater

  • Tap and Clogging Dance

  • Church Podium and Altar

  • Acoustic Piano and Guitars

  • Kick, Snare Bottom (on the floor), Under Toms (on the floor)

  • Dolby Atmos

  • Room Ambience


Phase Aligned Condenser Technology The PAC 116 is a boundary microphone meant to be mounted on a large flat hard boundary such as a floor, wall, ceiling, or piano lid. A boundary microphone prevents phase cancellations since sound waves (In Audio Spectrum) add together on a boundary without time delay. The result is a smooth frequency response free of comb filtering, so speech and music sound clear and natural. Also, there is a 6dB increase in sensitivity due to the boundary effect.

Teegarden Audio - PAC-116 Half Cardioid Boundary Mic

PriceFrom $365.00
    • Wide, smooth frequency response provides a natural, accurate sound quality.

    • Three modes of operation include theater/stage, studio recording, and High SPL.

    • Perfect for drama or musical production and studio (piano, drums, acoustic instruments, room)

    • Half Cardioid polar pattern (On boundary) provides high rejection of noise from the rear

    • Permanently attached cable with XLR connector in 1', 4', and 6' lengths. (Custom lengths available )

    • Stage/Studio (Voice/Music) select and -10 dB pad switches

    • Designed, Hand-built, and tested in Nashville, TN USA

    • Type: 16mm Half Cardioid Condenser (Boundary)

    • Discrete Transformerless

    • Rated Impedance: 150 Ohms

    • Open Circuit Sensitivity: 15 mv/ PA

    • Frequency Response: 20hz to 20K

    • Equivalent Self-Noise: 16 dB-A

    • Max SPL : 140dB 150dB (-10dB Pad)

    • Current Consumption: 7.8ma

    • Operating Voltage: 48V phantom power

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