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Serpent Audio Chimera

500 Series Opto Compressor, based on the LA-3A design. (Mono)

The Chimera™ is a single channel 500 series compatible Opto compressor and can be used for mono applications or be paired with a second Chimera™ for stereo applications. The Chimera™ contains a transformer input & output, all discrete circuitry, and a Class AB transistor output circuit. At the heart of the Chimera™ is the T4B optical cell, which utilizes an Electroluminescent (EL) panel and photo resistor cells to achieve gain reduction.

Serpent Audio Chimera

SKU: SA-Chimera
  • Maximum Current Consumption:

    70mA @ +/-16V


    Transformer Balanced Input


    Transformer Balanced Output

    Maximum Input Level:


    Maximum Output Level:


    Maximum Output Load:

    600 Ohm

    Attack Time:

    1.5ms or Less (Program Dependent)


    50db (+/- 1 dbu)

    Gain Reduction Element:

    T4B Optical Cell

    Frequency Response:


    Noise Floor:


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