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CS-3900 CueServer 3 Pro

CueServer 3 Pro is the flagship of the CueServer 3 family and is housed in a sturdy 1U rack-mount enclosure with removable brackets.

All CueServer 3 processors are built around a high‐performance quad-core CPU, custom I/O coprocessor, and Gigabit Ethernet to run the most demanding projects up to 16,384 channels, generate beautiful effects, and host your custom-designed layouts to touchscreens and mobile devices with ease.

The CueServer 3 Pro offers a front-panel touchscreen for quick access to system status, configuration, and diagnostics. The front‐ panel also provides eight customizable function buttons with fully controllable RGB backlighting and field‐replaceable legends for project personalization.

On the back of the CueServer 3 Pro is an array of eight smart module slots. Each slot can optionally be fitted with a range of expansion modules such as isolated DMX ports, digital I/O functions, serial ports, relays, and more. Smart modules can be used to configure CueServer to the specific needs of each project.

CueServer 3 Pro also features dual Gigabit Ethernet ports to optionally separate lighting data from control data and stereo audio input/output for playing sound effects or music or SMPTE timecode input.

CS-3900 CueServer 3 Pro

  • Please call for pricing and delivery estimate. 

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