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Furman CN-20MP

20A Remote Duplex, EVS, Smart Sequencing, 10Ft Cord



Furman’s Contractor Series MiniPorts extend the benefits of SmartSequencing to electronics outside of the equipment rack, providing tremendous flexibility to any installation scenario. Units may be daisy-chained and fully controlled via a Furman SmartSequencer, legacy Furman sequencer, third-party sequencers, and control and automation systems.


DIP switches and potentiometers allow customization of settings such as sequencing delays, 12V on/off, and more. Security covers are provided to prevent unauthorized personnel from tampering with DIP switches.


Sequencing of duplex initiated remotely by standard analog triggering (remote terminal) or data link (SmartSequencing from CN-1800S or CN-2400S).

The CN-20MP can shut itself off automatically when triggered by a fire alarm.

Furman CN-20MP

SKU: 6-54061-02848-2
$394.95 Regular Price
$294.95Sale Price
Expected availability: Two weeks after ordered.
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